Embracing Spirituality


When I attended the revival churches, I enjoyed it. To be honest most of the people there made me laugh. Yes, I laughed at them, not in a bad way, I laughed in a funny way, if that makes any sense to you, but it was in no way bad, no, not at all. Sister Simit, it’s actually Smith, but Jamaicans (not me ooo!) especially the ones from the country says Simit, instead of Smith, I always thought that was funny, it’s a patois thing!  Sister Simit was married to Brother Simit who everyone suspected was gay, probably because of his love for everything pink. Pastor Green wore dentures, and whenever she preached they would clip, clop like horse hooves walking very loudly through the mike. I loved when the spirit possessed them and the whole church was all in a frenzy, anyone wearing dentures had to take them out when…

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