As I slept last night, or I should say this morning, because it happened around 4am, I encountered what the world of science would call “sleep paralysis” or “REM sleep”. Although many people find relief when they realize that there is a scientific explanation of this phenomena, it does not soothe me, because I know with me, it is not the same. No scientist can explain or perhaps even understand what I go through when experiencing this, none of them can. I always have to go back to my childhood in Jamaica, because it was after I became who I am, Obara Meji, that I realize that most of the experiences that I would have when I became an adult showed themselves to me as a child. This lends to my deja vu experience that I have sometimes. Let me give you an example before getting on with the subject at hand.




Maintaining the temple, which is the physical body, is important while we as spiritual beings in Human form are on our journey on this earth plane. For the unaware, the belief is that we are alive to live our lives and we mourn when physical death comes and that is the end of that. For the aware or conscious, there is no death, only the shedding or release of the physical vehicle. However, it is hard, very hard to fathom, and even harder to think about, mostly because we are used to life and we do not know anything other than life, being alive, and will do all we can to stay alive, at least most of us. The ones who kill themselves/suicide are a different kind, and one day I may blog on it. Maybe….




I receive many emails per day from people all over the world, so many people read this blog even though they do not comment and I thank them for that, although interaction with them would be nice, I think, but to each his own. Among the emails there are people who wants to just “big mi up” for the blog and its content and for me sharing my life experiences, giving advice, teaching and all that I do here. There are those who needs help, and some who just want someone to share something with. I always respond and am attentive to all who reach out to me, as I do love people, yes I know some ah dem bad and wicked, but I believe in giving everyone a chance, for a while at least, do you agree? If no, please state why, and I am sure you will have valid reasons, but nevertheless…… I have met some horrible people in my lifetime. The wicked baby’s father’s equally wicked mother was one, but one who spoke softly and with a smile ( de pitchfork hidden behind or in her frock), those are the most deadly.



light 1 Although it is long, please try to read this man’s death not near death, but actual death experience. Many things that I have taught here he has experienced it. Remember I always say “we are all apart of each other instead apart from each other,” and that whatever your reality is here in the physical world is what you experience in the after life. If you are Christian you will experience what the Christians expect in the after life, same with Islam others. Your mind which is your Universe creates your reality even in death of which nothing like it exists as how we were taught. A person who dies here on this realm, is born somewhere else. Remember my reference to the Matrix? The first movie, and that it told many truths. Remember my description of our soul groups and the big tent like pulsating bubbles which connects the smaller bubbles making it one? Read here. Remember I always teach you of many realms and dimensions? Please read this mans story. More



When I was a little girl growing up in Kingston, Jamaica, I remember one Sunday, perhaps I was about seven or eight years old, my mother’s neighbor and arch nemesis Miss Will had her television on. Her apartment was in the middle of the house, ours was to the left, and another apartment was to the right. I remember staring inside her parlour at the television and seeing a woman in a wheel chair, she was shaking as if having a seizure. Seeing the woman cry while her whole body trembled made me began to cry uncontrollably. I thought I was watching someone suffering and as a child I had no understanding that this was just a film and not real. I had never been able to forget that scene since that day.






I posted this sometime ago and  read it over again this week end and thought it was so good. So I decided to post it again, there are some errors here, but I do not have the time to correct them now as I am doing some initiations and have to rush off, so please excuse me. I see where some people on Face book and other sites have taken bits and pieces from embracingspirituality and included it on their page with no credit to embracingspirituality or to me Obara Meji, whether it be a quote a paragraph, videos a post or other wise. What they have done is to copy and paste what they find here instead of actually sharing the link therefore sharing the site itself. I want all who are guilty of this to know that Where ever I am not, MY HEAD is, and I am a loving person and this site and the information I share here is not exclusive to you, but is for all to enjoy, also why would you not want the site to grow, yet yoy people, blog or email me silently for help. If you understand the role of my HEAD, my Ori, and how it function in my life, then you will understand the wisdom behind what I am saying, and stop this foolishness, and also many times people experience certain things in life and wonder where did it all come from, they have forgotten their own mis-deeds that they are paying for selfish or wicked deeds they done t people perhaps unknown to the person but witnessed by their heads!(WISDOM!! TAKE HEED) walk good and be careful!




Hello to all my bloggers, peepers, new comers and sometimers. For a while now I have been observing that sometimes when I post on topics which may be considered deep, the response is limited. I don’t know why buy the bloggers by pass the post as in making comments or even asking pertinent questions. I at first was a bit disconcerted by it, and wondered to myself if I was going in too deep with minds which were here with me daily but are not fully yet awake. As usual I pondered this for a time. Within my own musings, I came to the conclusion that I must not watch the responses, I must continue to post as I like and so I did, however again I noticed that when I posted anything on Obeah, or an Obeah story which I may write, or anything related to Obeah (oonuh love de obeah mix up ei si), or if I do a “how to” post such as teaching you how to make a bath, or how to overcome an enemy those posts goes through the roof. Even on my site search the most searched posts are the do it yourself ones (baths) and ones about Obeah which are most often told in story form on embracingspirituality.



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I have been meaning to write on secret societies for a while now,but there is so much to write about on this topic, that when I try to put myself in the mood to write about it, I sigh and change my mind. It is innate within me to break things down to the bare bone when explaining anything and it is done for your better understanding no matter how learned you are. Secret Societies have often been something curious to many people and I believe that the word “Secret” is what sets off the curiosity in peoples mind. In Jamaica while growing up I would often times hear the grown ups in hushed tones refer to someone who passed by as “a lodge man or woman”. There would be a looming air of fear among those who whispered about this person or any persons associated with any lodges. With this fear of what these societies have as “secret” of course came speculations of what happened in the meetings, and of course Hollywood propaganda and media frenzy along with the bible beating Christians, many people have accused these fraternities of devil worship, ritual killings, witchcraft and more.



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Cultures throughout the world, spiritually, are so interesting. We, at least most of us, love to learn of how people celebrate and worship within each culture, their Gods and Goddesses. In Jamaica we have Zion Revival which came out of Africa but has been infused with Christianity (as religion was forced upon Africans), nevertheless the drums and what the Zionist possesses within their mental consciousness comes out during worship through dance, songs and prayers. In Zion Revival, unbeknownst to most who are of the Order, they invoke either consciously or unconsciously their ancestors from a land far away – their ancestral homeland: Africa.




During my first set of initiations I was plunged straight into spiritual school by means of non physical beings taking me to the realms of time and space on many trips. This occurred for 3 years and for the first 2 years I was a shell of myself. I had no idea at first what was to become of me after they were finished with me (or even if they would be finished with me). I was gifted many things during this time and yet I had no idea how to list them or even what they were. What is apparent though was that I can see spiritually as far as until the end of time, if there is ever such a thing, perhaps or perhaps not. Because within my gift, I could tell death as it approached, the time, day, and even the hour. I predicted death precisely and was even given the knowledge of how to stave it off. There were times when clients who would come to me never came back for a while, and when they did return, I’d ask “Why haven’t I heard from you for a while?” to which the response would be: “Obara, I fear you.”


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