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Good day to one and all, I pray that today will be a good day for every one, and may Esu not disturb your lives today, do not forget to mention him in your prayers. Yesterday on the blog we had such a wonderful time.I must admit that although I find it challenging to type, being embarrassed by my regular mistakes, I really enjoyed putting in my entries of poems. Thank you Yazzy and all who participated.




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It is hard to trust in this life. Almost everyone you meet while travelling along life’s way has an agenda, I said almost. Trust is something very precious and valuable to give but unfortunately there are sinister people who take advantage of trust given to them. When I met The Big Bad Wolf, I trusted him, he gained it by being my friend, by listening to me, by being there for me, all the while gently waiting to seduce me, naive and trusting as I was, I knew it not, I trusted him.



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Good day to you folks and blessings of the Universe and of God to you all! I do not know how exactly to write this post today, because I have so much to say and the topic is very touching for me. It is very hard as an awakened person to see so many people suffer and know how to remove their suffering but cannot say anything, because they would not listen to you but rather condemn you. Allow me to tell you some very personal things. I may over share but who the hell cares!




Power, what a great topic! Yw is the blogger who comes in every now and again and throws our thinking caps on. He is great at keeping our minds in tip top shape with topics such as these., almost like a work out, nut for our thoughts. I waited until today to post this one, I did not want to distract from its importance as a topic. I will not give an introduction to it (Cami, guh release mi), I wanted you all to get the full effect of Yw”s words and thoughts and perhaps some of his humor. ┬áThis will also make for a great discussion today so come mek we reason. Thank you Yw for sharing with us.




Tonight for our book club discussion we have a very heavy topic to deal with, and for all week we have been dealing with topics which were very deep also. Today I will go light or perhaps try to. I will not write too much on this topic, but with what little I will write today, I ask for all participants in the days discussion to tell their own feelings or thoughts upon the titled topic, Forgiveness. Have you done it, can you do it, what is forgiveness to you?



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Yesterday someone insulted me, perhaps not even knowingly. It was none of you on this site, but somewhere else. I noted the insult and tried my best to qualify their actions so as not to judge them unfairly. I called my children, who I sometimes believe are my real parents and discussed it with them in hope of them telling me that I was wrong in my assumption and it was not an insult, but to my dismay they agreed and my heart cried with despair. The person who did this was and still is, someone that I cared and prayed for, and my prayers for them will continue, as I wish nobody no ill will. I was hurt, and whenever I am hurt like this it brings back to me memories of maltreatment of the wicked baby father, my sisters, my parents and other people I fell victim to through my naivety. I can be quite naive, despite knowing so much. My love and trust for people makes me vulnerable to the big bad wolves of life, and there are many. It took me a long time and I am still processing it, to realize that the world is filled with not so nice people. It hurts to know, but it is the truth. More