light 1 Although it is long, please try to read this man’s death not near death, but actual death experience. Many things that I have taught here he has experienced it. Remember I always say “we are all apart of each other instead apart from each other,” and that whatever your reality is here in the physical world is what you experience in the after life. If you are Christian you will experience what the Christians expect in the after life, same with Islam others. Your mind which is your Universe creates your reality even in death of which nothing like it exists as how we were taught. A person who dies here on this realm, is born somewhere else. Remember my reference to the Matrix? The first movie, and that it told many truths. Remember my description of our soul groups and the big tent like pulsating bubbles which connects the smaller bubbles making it one? Read here. Remember I always teach you of many realms and dimensions? Please read this mans story. More



I speak about death as one who knows the matter from both the outer world experience and the inner life expression:  there is no death period.  There is, as you know, entrance into fuller life.  There is freedom from the handicaps of the fleshy vehicle.  The rending process so much dreaded does not exist, except in the cases of violent and sudden death; and then the only true disagreeables are an instant and overwhelming sense of imminent peril and destruction, and something closely approaching an electric shock.  No more.  For the unevolved, death is literally a sleep and a forgetting, for the mind is not sufficiently awakened to react, and the storehouse of memory is as yet practically empty.  For the average good citizen, death is a continuance of the living process in its consciousness and a carrying forward of the interest and tendencies of the life.  His consciousness and his sense of awareness are the same and unaltered.  He does not sense much difference, is well taken care of, and oft is unaware that he has passed through the episode of death.  For the wicked and cruelly selfish, for the criminal and for those who live for the material side only, there eventuates the condition which we call ‘earth-bound’.




I found this on the internet today and I wanted to share it with you all. While I agree with somethings written here, I do not agree with all. From the way how the writer wrote, he was clearly Christian, but he did not allow his biblical teachings to withhold what he learned from his research from spiritualists and mediums alike from the the world. While he was not a medium he interviewed many and had access through them in speaking with spirits. Read on! More



Honoring your ancestors is very important for all of us to do. Contrary to what many may think your ancestors can either be by blood or through spirit. It is also very important for us to know that they, our ancestors are never far away from us. I sometimes make reference to the Bible although I do not practice Christianity, and the reason behind that is, I was born into Christianity and was an anointed Evangelist in the Christian Church and also I have been in love with God ever since I can remember and I first met him through the practice of Christianity, I had no choice but to practice Christianity. I studied “The Word”  thoroughly from Genesis to Revelation, so I know the Bible well. Contrary to Christians who condemn and demonize anyone who do not practice their faith or preach their beliefs (most of them not all), I believe that any Religion or Traditional practice  is valid as long as it teaches Peace and Love. As a matter of fact this was a message given to me from a very high light being, you would not believe me if I told you who it was. More