I am now realizing that how I write on the blog and all my experiences that I have recounted here for you all to learn from and perhaps for all the words of “wisdom” that I share with you all on my blog, many people would vision an old woman. I have written extensively about my life and about getting pregnant while I was still in high school, and to be honest with you, I do not regret being so honest and opening up to all of whom I do not know. It is never wise to judge a person, I always say this, because you do not know what lies ahead of you in your life, and I was shocked yesterday when having a conversation with a blogger, she said that there are many people who read or peep on the blog who may not like me, (we were discussing the unfortunate event which occurred on the blog a few nights ago when someone came on and disrespected me), “not like me?, I recoiled in my mind, although I said nothing.