I posted this sometime ago and  read it over again this week end and thought it was so good. So I decided to post it again, there are some errors here, but I do not have the time to correct them now as I am doing some initiations and have to rush off, so please excuse me. I see where some people on Face book and other sites have taken bits and pieces from embracingspirituality and included it on their page with no credit to embracingspirituality or to me Obara Meji, whether it be a quote a paragraph, videos a post or other wise. What they have done is to copy and paste what they find here instead of actually sharing the link therefore sharing the site itself. I want all who are guilty of this to know that Where ever I am not, MY HEAD is, and I am a loving person and this site and the information I share here is not exclusive to you, but is for all to enjoy, also why would you not want the site to grow, yet yoy people, blog or email me silently for help. If you understand the role of my HEAD, my Ori, and how it function in my life, then you will understand the wisdom behind what I am saying, and stop this foolishness, and also many times people experience certain things in life and wonder where did it all come from, they have forgotten their own mis-deeds that they are paying for selfish or wicked deeds they done t people perhaps unknown to the person but witnessed by their heads!(WISDOM!! TAKE HEED) walk good and be careful!