When I met Mr. Mitchell one of the three wonderful mentors who helped me along my path, read here, I was in awe of his divining skills. He was a christian man, a Bishop, but he had a remarkable gift, one that although he worked it, he never fully embraced it. I believe because he use to curse his eguns (spirits of the dead, or ancestors, his messengers, non physicals). Let me be as clear as I possible can in explaining him to you all. He always told me that anywhere I went and heard spiritual people ringing a bell “ah duppy/ghost dem ah call”. He did not want to have anything to do with the dead, and at the time I did not understand why. Unfortunately it was because of his religion, christianity, o ma se o (what a pity)! I work with them, Eguns, all the time, since I am not under the restraints of Christianity whey love frighten people outta dem clothes (scare their followers) with no explanation as to why people must forget dem ole granny after she die and run har when she come around, why? Jesus had a body, was alive, died and is now venerated and worshipped, he is an Egun! A deified one, but one nevertheless. Can we say hypocrisy!  More



The Earth is a schoolroom, as are many realms within time and space, so human beings come to earth to experience many things that we cannot experience in another reality. The importance of our incarnations is the elevation of our consciousness. Here, the word consciousness means becoming a light being. Take for example the Sun, 95 million miles away from the earth, yet still it is the center of the Universe. The earth revolves around the Sun. The ancient Africans knew what the Sun represented, therefore they worshipped it, calling it Ra. Just as such, Jesus, of the Christian Bible is called the the Son of God and the son, as he is termed to be, is metaphoric for the Sun, implying that Jesus was a conscious being, in other words… a light being. Jesus is also described as “the Light of the world,” therefore, you can see that the Bible, in it’s stories is not to be taken literally but is a coded book for those with deeper understanding. So the “Light” as he was called, you may now be able to tell, is the Sun, which lights the world. I put the example of the Sun here just for a minute to detail to you how important light is in every function of our lives but where the Sun is concerned, being the center and the closest star to the Universe, what it represents to us here is what we ought to strive to be: light conscious beings.