There was a time in my life when I wondered what this meant, the title of the post. I had so many people in my life that I wanted to please and this did not include myself. Although I was hurting, this was a time of the wicked baby father and his wicked woman and evil family, I wanted to forgive them all for making me cry, depressed and sad, always. I wanted everything to be ok, I wanted to laugh and be joyous, and be happy. I prayed for them to love me and wondered night and day why they didn’t. I realized after a while that they were uncomfortable when they hurt me and I spoke of the hurt, they never owned up to the pain they inflicted on me. The baby father had cheated and here came this woman who came with painful fangs and vile intentions, and I was supposed to accept it.



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Following the theme of yesterday’s post, which I thought was a good post, I am moved to share some thoughts with you all, should you care to look today.



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Good day to all. Today I want to take the time to shout out to our missing Blogger Sa-Fo, who we have not seen on Embracing Spirituality for a while. I am like a mother hen to all who I love and care for and when one of mine goes missing it does not sit well with me, and Sa-Fo is surely one of mine. I have emailed her and she has responded, with the promise that “she soon come” even though she peeps everyday, but de work and normal daily life tun up.



Have you noticed that I end every post with a Proverb or a Quote. I usually use those from the Yoruba’s because I believe that they are such a wise set of people.  In Jamaica and as Jamaicans we use Quotes and Proverbs all the time. Words of Wisdom!. Proverbs is truth based on common sense or practical experience, while Quotes are words repeated from a speech or texts. I live by them, I learn from them as I am forever a student. I crave Knowledge so much, that I would sit at it’s feet all day, everyday, if I were to find it. Trapeze across the globe forfeiting food, and any worldly pleasures, just to learn!





This past Saturday, after I had made two posts, one about my dreams and one on L. W. de Laurence, which we discussed, I later made a comment on the post of the Dream Post  about what was going on in my head. There was a music playing in my head, a song called Young Girl, By American singer Gary Puckett. I decided spontaneously to put the link into the comment box as to let you all into my head at that very moment and follow it up with reggae artist Cocoa Tea’s song 18 and Older. I never gave thought to it, other than I was having fun all by my lonesome, and as usual with me I wanted to share the fun. Soon as I did it, my lovely fun loving blogger Ty, joined me and between the two of us we began to post links to all kinds of music and Mth along with others (Mr. Nile, Kudos to you, great selector!), joined us. We had so much fun, oceans apart and within our our own space, but we came together on the blog and it felt as if we were all together playing music, dancing, laughing and just over all bugging out, I loved it  More




Hi everyone, I am so sorry it took so long to finish writing this post. I broke down a couple of times while writing it, remembering bad times I thought I was numb to, but although I am over them (and I am) they are real memories, and I am indeed human.  The crying spells are a given I suppose with topics like this. I have began this journey and I was not born a quitter and even though this post was hard, I managed to finish amid tears, please enjoy…. feel free to cry along with me lol – Obara Meji

Today is a new day and as we rise from our sleep we rise not knowing what lies ahead. What will we encounter today? Today I received a phone call from a woman I have never met but she reads my blog daily. In our conversation she told me about certain disappointments which she has had in her life, and that she was tired of all these things which she faced daily. In one of her dreams she saw something which I interpreted to her as disappointment coming, and while we spoke she lamented about this to me. She wondered why her?



Here is a very powerful prayer for you to put in the universe with faith and conviction.
May you my God bless me this day and keep me safe from all evil, may you bless my children and family and allow me to see the goodness that you have laid out for me daily, may you my Lord, my creator send good people into my life and remove from me the negative ones whose intention it is to see me fail, may you give me victory over my enemies,  may your divine presence be with me as I travel along life’s way and with my children and family and also my friends, may I be of inspiration to my fellow human beings, and may peace , prosperity, good health, freedom, faith, wisdom, happiness, be mine and all those whom I love, may I never bury my  children, please give me the health and long life I need to care for them and comfort them when they are in need, keep me close to your divine presence, and may my Astral Mates, my Ancestors and all the Angels/Orisha in heaven continue to keep watch over me and mine. May I never meet an untimely death nor shall my children or spouse meet untimely deaths, may nature elements be kind to me and mine, May assistance be given to the poor and needy, and just as how the fishes in the river uses their head to guide them through the water so may my head guide me to a good place  ASE!!
Love is better than a whip“……Yoruba Proverb