I receive many emails per day from people all over the world, so many people read this blog even though they do not comment and I thank them for that, although interaction with them would be nice, I think, but to each his own. Among the emails there are people who wants to just “big mi up” for the blog and its content and for me sharing my life experiences, giving advice, teaching and all that I do here. There are those who needs help, and some who just want someone to share something with. I always respond and am attentive to all who reach out to me, as I do love people, yes I know some ah dem bad and wicked, but I believe in giving everyone a chance, for a while at least, do you agree? If no, please state why, and I am sure you will have valid reasons, but nevertheless…… I have met some horrible people in my lifetime. The wicked baby’s father’s equally wicked mother was one, but one who spoke softly and with a smile ( de pitchfork hidden behind or in her frock), those are the most deadly.



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Good morning everyone, this post was written by a dear friend of mine who is an Initiate and practitioner of the Ifa/Orisha Traditional Order of the Yoruba People of South Western Nigeria. I have so far stayed clear of formally introducing this very important traditional practice to my blog of which I too am an Initiate,( although I have sprinkled it here and there in some of my posts), for one reason. I wanted to be the source of truth whenever I wrote of Ifa (ee-fah). I have realized that throughout cyber world there aren’t many truths regarding this subject. This is a sacred order, and should be regarded as such.┬áThere are no books which stands as an holy text in representing Ifa, It is too vast and therefore cannot be contained within a single book or text. So it is taught orally, handed down by Priests called Babalawos (father of mysteries), who have spent almost half their lives studying Ifa under the tutelage of ┬átheir master, teacher, often times titled Oluwo, not all Babalawos bares this title. More