joachim and boaz
I have been meaning to write on secret societies for a while now,but there is so much to write about on this topic, that when I try to put myself in the mood to write about it, I sigh and change my mind. It is innate within me to break things down to the bare bone when explaining anything and it is done for your better understanding no matter how learned you are. Secret Societies have often been something curious to many people and I believe that the word “Secret” is what sets off the curiosity in peoples mind. In Jamaica while growing up I would often times hear the grown ups in hushed tones refer to someone who passed by as “a lodge man or woman”. There would be a looming air of fear among those who whispered about this person or any persons associated with any lodges. With this fear of what these societies have as “secret” of course came speculations of what happened in the meetings, and of course Hollywood propaganda and media frenzy along with the bible beating Christians, many people have accused these fraternities of devil worship, ritual killings, witchcraft and more.