Good morning one and all. I hope everyone had a great weekend as I have due to the first session of my online classes. Sunday I went out into nature along with my daughter and two of my Babalawo brothers to do Ebo (Eh-bo) which is sacrifice. When we came back, they had come to my home for a meeting, we have our own egbe (meaning society or group) where we meet and discuss things spiritual and also Isese (E-shay-shay – which is Yoruba for Tradition and this is of Ifa/Orisha) as we are all (including my children), traditional practitioners of Isese, and this means that we practice the way of our ancestors and the way it is supposed to be practiced as done by the Yoruba people of South Western Nigeria. Not a variation of or similar to, or a bastardized version, but the authentic way of practice as it is done today in Africa.




During my first set of initiations I was plunged straight into spiritual school by means of non physical beings taking me to the realms of time and space on many trips. This occurred for 3 years and for the first 2 years I was a shell of myself. I had no idea at first what was to become of me after they were finished with me (or even if they would be finished with me). I was gifted many things during this time and yet I had no idea how to list them or even what they were. What is apparent though was that I can see spiritually as far as until the end of time, if there is ever such a thing, perhaps or perhaps not. Because within my gift, I could tell death as it approached, the time, day, and even the hour. I predicted death precisely and was even given the knowledge of how to stave it off. There were times when clients who would come to me never came back for a while, and when they did return, I’d ask “Why haven’t I heard from you for a while?” to which the response would be: “Obara, I fear you.”