Power, what a great topic! Yw is the blogger who comes in every now and again and throws our thinking caps on. He is great at keeping our minds in tip top shape with topics such as these., almost like a work out, nut for our thoughts. I waited until today to post this one, I did not want to distract from its importance as a topic. I will not give an introduction to it (Cami, guh release mi), I wanted you all to get the full effect of Yw”s words and thoughts and perhaps some of his humor.  This will also make for a great discussion today so come mek we reason. Thank you Yw for sharing with us.





Money is a international currency that people use in exchange for goods all over the world, however not to sound cliche, “The love of money is the root of all evil”. It has been reported that lottery winners, most of them  after the win horrible things happen to them, such as the case with a gentleman in Florida who was killed and all that he had acquired after the win stolen from him. People have been known to kill their spouses because of money, and in the world of dark magic the most often request is money rituals, which is never a good thing to do. People, through their greed and their lust for money have created a demon, unleashed upon the world, terrible and uncontrollable. The main focus of the slave trade was not the hatred of a race, but rather for the acquisition of more money. Jewish and Muslim marriages, the incentive of the groom taking the bride is the Dowry, or the possibility of these two families coming together to secure wealth, thus making the marriage a financial contract, rather than a love match. Through out time wars have been started because of money, people lose their lives for it and families have betrayed each other for money, even the Christ was sold out for the same. Men have been convicted for money and innocent people jailed because of it. Money makes people stay into marriages they would rather have left long ago and children kill their siblings and parents, and rich old men are able to buy child brides and old cougars have their pick of the litter because of it. Children starve all over the world for lack of money and people die from not being able to be treated for an illness or afford medication for the same reasons.



Prosperity is something that most people seek, if not all. It is wealth, money and the things in life that can make us comfortable. It is the reason why we go to school and dedicate our selves to getting that degree which will allow us to get that job that pays so well that we can be comfortable and afford the good things in life that we probably never had while growing up. It is the reason why some people learn the drug trade and do it so well, to be able to afford all the things they can, while still here on earth or before incarceration, if ever. It is the reason John becomes an entrepreneur and Jane starts her own catering company. Bottom line we all would love to be wealthy. No matter if they say no!. People kill for money. It is so powerful and there are some that are very nonchalant about it. Surprisingly enough the ones that do not chase the gold are often the ones that the gold chases after,  at least in some case.

However Prosperity is more than money it is described this way by Wikipedia’s encyclopedia,– Prosperity is the state of flourishing, thriving, success, or good fortune. [1] Prosperity often encompasses wealth but also includes others factors which are independent of wealth to varying degrees, such as happiness and health—– and so it is. I believe that when we pray, we should include prosperity in the prayer, who does not want to prosper, you lie if you say No!, who does not want to be able to do the things that they want to do when they want to do it?, who does not want Oprah Winfrey fabulous life?!. Prosperity is power and strength!, it assists you in many ways and allows you to be independent!. God we need prosperity and we need it now!.

However we all are our brothers keeper and if God has blessed you, then pay it forward. I do not mean to leeches and blood suckers that will come upon you to eat up your flesh!. I do not mean the family members who come running when they smell money when they were the ones who turned you away when you were broken down and disheartened, I do not mean anyone who seeks to come into your space just because of your new-found prosperity, no I mean those who your spirit has discerned as worthy.

Prayer is always needed in everything, but even more now as you begin to flourish!. Huge Spiritual forces are needed for you to be able to keep your money, and all that you have acquired!. Here is a good article, read and enjoy!!!..remember it is your mind that attract the wealth, it is the mind that allows you to keep it. If you wish ill for another and you prosper, you will not be happy, you will be miserably rich, and nobody wants that.!!!, think about who you help in life however and never harden your heart if the urge is there for you to assist. Later on this blog site I will be teaching you some topical ways on how to achieve prosperity, I cannot go too deep as this is cyber world, and mi nah gi whey mi keys!!..a little patois always make my day…, and writing in Jamaican Patois is in keeping with the teaching theme of this blog as it will force the non-patois speakers to learn, it’s fun!!…Jamaica I love you!!…. read and comment.. More