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Hello everyone, this is a short post to say how grateful and happy I am for all the support I have been getting from you all. I pray God for each and everyone of you and your families. This morning I opened up my email and saw that a new comer to the blog sent me a message she got for me (spiritually). She said the message was that I should begin the University online.


AN IFA SACRIFICE – LET ME TAKE YOU THROUGH THE RITES (with video sacrifice and audio explanation)


The concept of Ifa/Orisha tradition of the Yoruba people of South Western Nigeria, is a complex one. Understanding it especially if all along life’s way, you had never heard of its practice, or have no idea of what it is, understanding it on the level it truly takes to appreciate its wisdom and cosmology will take time for some, often times due to religious indoctrination (all you have ever known is the bible and Christ, or the Koran and Mohammed), the language it takes to explain Ifa, meaning the Yoruba words of the deities and the meaning behind the coded language which is the binary code of life, and also the overall wisdom of Ifa, often recited in parables.





The time had come for me to go to Africa for my initiation, I had been aware of the Orishas since I was a teenager, when I had found the book on Elegua, (Elegba or Esu in Africa) but I had not realized, but for a long time that all this came from Africa, which  the Cubans have been great custodians of, to some extent.  After they, as slaves were dropped off in Cuba during the trans Atlantic slave trade, the African holocaust.







After I had gone through my first initiation, the three years I spent at home under the tutelage of non-physical beings sent from within time and space to teach me and take me on my journeys, the world seemed to make more sense to me. One day at a time, I saw people differently, I saw their true colors so to speak, and I feared no one or nothing. I had become re-educated, to all I thought I knew, during my training. All that I believed I knew were stripped away. Before I go further with this story, I want to share something with you. There were many times when my spiritual elders (Spirits) came for me to take me on my journeys, as I slept they would come and my spirit would rise up from my body and go with them and it was so swift that one minute I was in my room and the next in some other realm.



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Good morning everyone, this post was written by a dear friend of mine who is an Initiate and practitioner of the Ifa/Orisha Traditional Order of the Yoruba People of South Western Nigeria. I have so far stayed clear of formally introducing this very important traditional practice to my blog of which I too am an Initiate,( although I have sprinkled it here and there in some of my posts), for one reason. I wanted to be the source of truth whenever I wrote of Ifa (ee-fah). I have realized that throughout cyber world there aren’t many truths regarding this subject. This is a sacred order, and should be regarded as such. There are no books which stands as an holy text in representing Ifa, It is too vast and therefore cannot be contained within a single book or text. So it is taught orally, handed down by Priests called Babalawos (father of mysteries), who have spent almost half their lives studying Ifa under the tutelage of  their master, teacher, often times titled Oluwo, not all Babalawos bares this title. More


Orishas are deities that reflect the manifestations of Olodumare (God). They are emissaries of God, forces of nature. Each individual manifest an attribute of these forces within their consiciousness, therefore displaying knowingly or unknowingly which Orisha is their Guardian. In other words we are all children of Orishas. We in the west are used to hearing about Angels and we have no problem with that, in fact it fills us with joy, warmth and happiness to call upon Gods angels to come and assist us in whatever. It is the same with Orisha only more personal, and that the language used is different in connection with the deity upon our Ori which is our head. It is through our head (ori) that we manifest the Orishas, and we can communicate with them through divination,offerings and prayers. Orishas were sent to earth by Olodumare (God) to assist man and to align things so that we can put them in the right prospective (order), this is the way I have precieved it from my point of view. They were here from the time of creation, and may be called by many names depending on time and place, they are intermediaries to God, much like Jesus is to the christians and Mohammed is to muslims. More