Hello everyone, this post is to announce the next set of classes that will be coming up. We are still on the topic of Spiritual Baths and Cleansing as it is very extensive. The first half of this course (4 weeks) that is now happening is about the Recognition and Removal of Negative Energies. The second half (5 weeks) will be about the Pulling of Positive Energies into your lives.




Good morning one and all. I hope everyone had a great weekend as I have due to the first session of my online classes. Sunday I went out into nature along with my daughter and two of my Babalawo brothers to do Ebo (Eh-bo) which is sacrifice. When we came back, they had come to my home for a meeting, we have our own egbe (meaning society or group) where we meet and discuss things spiritual and also Isese (E-shay-shay – which is Yoruba for Tradition and this is of Ifa/Orisha) as we are all (including my children), traditional practitioners of Isese, and this means that we practice the way of our ancestors and the way it is supposed to be practiced as done by the Yoruba people of South Western Nigeria. Not a variation of or similar to, or a bastardized version, but the authentic way of practice as it is done today in Africa.



Orishas are deities that reflect the manifestations of Olodumare (God). They are emissaries of God, forces of nature. Each individual manifest an attribute of these forces within their consiciousness, therefore displaying knowingly or unknowingly which Orisha is their Guardian. In other words we are all children of Orishas. We in the west are used to hearing about Angels and we have no problem with that, in fact it fills us with joy, warmth and happiness to call upon Gods angels to come and assist us in whatever. It is the same with Orisha only more personal, and that the language used is different in connection with the deity upon our Ori which is our head. It is through our head (ori) that we manifest the Orishas, and we can communicate with them through divination,offerings and prayers. Orishas were sent to earth by Olodumare (God) to assist man and to align things so that we can put them in the right prospective (order), this is the way I have precieved it from my point of view. They were here from the time of creation, and may be called by many names depending on time and place, they are intermediaries to God, much like Jesus is to the christians and Mohammed is to muslims. More