When I met Mr. Mitchell one of the three wonderful mentors who helped me along my path, read here, I was in awe of his divining skills. He was a christian man, a Bishop, but he had a remarkable gift, one that although he worked it, he never fully embraced it. I believe because he use to curse his eguns (spirits of the dead, or ancestors, his messengers, non physicals). Let me be as clear as I possible can in explaining him to you all. He always told me that anywhere I went and heard spiritual people ringing a bell “ah duppy/ghost dem ah call”. He did not want to have anything to do with the dead, and at the time I did not understand why. Unfortunately it was because of his religion, christianity, o ma se o (what a pity)! I work with them, Eguns, all the time, since I am not under the restraints of Christianity whey love frighten people outta dem clothes (scare their followers) with no explanation as to why people must forget dem ole granny after she die and run har when she come around, why? Jesus had a body, was alive, died and is now venerated and worshipped, he is an Egun! A deified one, but one nevertheless. Can we say hypocrisy!  More



I am now realizing that how I write on the blog and all my experiences that I have recounted here for you all to learn from and perhaps for all the words of “wisdom” that I share with you all on my blog, many people would vision an old woman. I have written extensively about my life and about getting pregnant while I was still in high school, and to be honest with you, I do not regret being so honest and opening up to all of whom I do not know. It is never wise to judge a person, I always say this, because you do not know what lies ahead of you in your life, and I was shocked yesterday when having a conversation with a blogger, she said that there are many people who read or peep on the blog who may not like me, (we were discussing the unfortunate event which occurred on the blog a few nights ago when someone came on and disrespected me), “not like me?, I recoiled in my mind, although I said nothing.



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Here in Africa I have observed many of the wives and girl friends of theses African men submissive to them. When they are served their meals Nigerian women will serve the meal on their knees, Iteriba fun oko eni, as it is called (serving the husband with respect). He is her God and she treats him as such. If they  have an argument she is the one to say sorry most often, prostrate on her belly or kneel while rubbing her hands together in a pleading, almost prayerful way as she begs forgiveness, often times for things she did not even do.




Power, what a great topic! Yw is the blogger who comes in every now and again and throws our thinking caps on. He is great at keeping our minds in tip top shape with topics such as these., almost like a work out, nut for our thoughts. I waited until today to post this one, I did not want to distract from its importance as a topic. I will not give an introduction to it (Cami, guh release mi), I wanted you all to get the full effect of Yw”s words and thoughts and perhaps some of his humor.  This will also make for a great discussion today so come mek we reason. Thank you Yw for sharing with us.