Hello everyone, this post is to announce the next set of classes that will be coming up. We are still on the topic of Spiritual Baths and Cleansing as it is very extensive. The first half of this course (4 weeks) that is now happening is about the Recognition and Removal of Negative Energies. The second half (5 weeks) will be about the Pulling of Positive Energies into your lives.




We have all experienced negative or dark energies, or have been in the company of someone whose energy was draining or heavy, so heavy that it affects you. A headache may come on suddenly, or any type of ache and pain or your mood may change from happy to sad even angry or you feel grimy or dirty or even down right disgusted without knowing why. People who ride the subway or take the bus will have daily contact with loads of different energies and believe it or not these things can affect you even when you move away from it. It can affect your relationship with your spouse, your children, co-workers, boss, friends, animals etc… Often times people will feel ill and doctors will not be able to find anything wrong with them. Some people may also experience panic attacks or anxiety attacks and this is due more times than not to unhealthy energies that surrounds the person. Oonuh see why it is important to embrace your spirituality?, because many people go through these things with no idea of what is happening to them. Not everything is Obeah/Juju/Voodoo/ Witchcraft, somethings are just bad energies which may have entered your space or you guh inna ah fi dem space!. We will address the obeah one ah little later or in another post, stay tune! Even buying furniture and bringing them home, you have brought other people energy into your space. It is common practice in Jamaica for Jamaicans to “burn out”  a new apartment or house before they move in. Most people in Jamaica usually use Frank Incense and Myrrh in their attempt to remove bad energy or any lingering “duppy” (ghost) who refuse to move out, or wayward spirits who might have moved in when the previous owners moved out. The possibilities of where one could come in contact with bad energies are endless, and the way they can affect us negatively are also endless and this is why we need to know how to remove them. More