When I met Mr. Mitchell one of the three wonderful mentors who helped me along my path, read here, I was in awe of his divining skills. He was a christian man, a Bishop, but he had a remarkable gift, one that although he worked it, he never fully embraced it. I believe because he use to curse his eguns (spirits of the dead, or ancestors, his messengers, non physicals). Let me be as clear as I possible can in explaining him to you all. He always told me that anywhere I went and heard spiritual people ringing a bell “ah duppy/ghost dem ah call”. He did not want to have anything to do with the dead, and at the time I did not understand why. Unfortunately it was because of his religion, christianity, o ma se o (what a pity)! I work with them, Eguns, all the time, since I am not under the restraints of Christianity whey love frighten people outta dem clothes (scare their followers) with no explanation as to why people must forget dem ole granny after she die and run har when she come around, why? Jesus had a body, was alive, died and is now venerated and worshipped, he is an Egun! A deified one, but one nevertheless. Can we say hypocrisy!  More



Our spirit guides are chosen by us before we are incarnate into our earthly lives.In the spiritual realm, we choose our family, we choose our lives. In preparation for our life’s journey, our life’s plan is made by us. We know the purpose of our journey, but as I have explained before, it is when we arrive after being passed through the womb, that all is forgotten. When we come here, we do not come alone, our spirit guides are with us from the very moment we arrive. Their position here with us is to guide and protect us, assist us along life’s way, through their influence upon our life’s decisions. As we grow from birth, most of us will be able to realize, eventually that we are not alone. They see our thoughts, knows all our deeds and all our plans, but they cannot interfere with our free will. They can only by communicating with us, I will explain how they do that later. They influence us in a subtle way,into making the right decisions befitting our life’s plan. They are here to help us fulfill the spiritual contract we made before are incarnated to this earth plane.