Hello to all my bloggers, peepers, new comers and sometimers. For a while now I have been observing that sometimes when I post on topics which may be considered deep, the response is limited. I don’t know why buy the bloggers by pass the post as in making comments or even asking pertinent questions. I at first was a bit disconcerted by it, and wondered to myself if I was going in too deep with minds which were here with me daily but are not fully yet awake. As usual I pondered this for a time. Within my own musings, I came to the conclusion that I must not watch the responses, I must continue to post as I like and so I did, however again I noticed that when I posted anything on Obeah, or an Obeah story which I may write, or anything related to Obeah (oonuh love de obeah mix up ei si), or if I do a “how to” post such as teaching you how to make a bath, or how to overcome an enemy those posts goes through the roof. Even on my site search the most searched posts are the do it yourself ones (baths) and ones about Obeah which are most often told in story form on embracingspirituality.