As I slept last night, or I should say this morning, because it happened around 4am, I encountered what the world of science would call “sleep paralysis” or “REM sleep”. Although many people find relief when they realize that there is a scientific explanation of this phenomena, it does not soothe me, because I know with me, it is not the same. No scientist can explain or perhaps even understand what I go through when experiencing this, none of them can. I always have to go back to my childhood in Jamaica, because it was after I became who I am, Obara Meji, that I realize that most of the experiences that I would have when I became an adult showed themselves to me as a child. This lends to my deja vu experience that I have sometimes. Let me give you an example before getting on with the subject at hand.




Good morning one and all. I hope everyone had a great weekend as I have due to the first session of my online classes. Sunday I went out into nature along with my daughter and two of my Babalawo brothers to do Ebo (Eh-bo) which is sacrifice. When we came back, they had come to my home for a meeting, we have our own egbe (meaning society or group) where we meet and discuss things spiritual and also Isese (E-shay-shay – which is Yoruba for Tradition and this is of Ifa/Orisha) as we are all (including my children), traditional practitioners of Isese, and this means that we practice the way of our ancestors and the way it is supposed to be practiced as done by the Yoruba people of South Western Nigeria. Not a variation of or similar to, or a bastardized version, but the authentic way of practice as it is done today in Africa.




One of my earliest post told the true story of Sharon and Donovan and the problems that plagued their lives through Obeah, read my post  Bad Sinting.  So many people say all the time, “I do not believe in those things”!, and while I agree that it is remarkable that people truly have the power or the access to power which can destroy, terrorize and harm others, it is nevertheless true, and very real. To destroy, terrorize and harm is only one side of the coin however, because on the flip side there is the power to heal, create balance, bring about peace, joy,prosperity and love!. there are two roads and it depends on which is chosen. It depends on the holder of the power, it depends on Character. Often times it is the simplest of things what produces the greatest results. To knowledgeable people, Salt can heal and it can destroy, also dirt, which is found everywhere can solve any problem and can also create the biggest ones. The woman holds so much power within her womb, but she does not know, and oonuh nuh waan har know because if she knows and decides to use it, God help the world, especially when PMS time!..What is greater than water, if you know how to use it? Eggs are not only delicious but if the magical uses are known even someone who believes themselves to be barren can bring forth twins….and never forget, Word, Sound, Power!!..Free your minds, let go off fear and learn, try to understand and pray for wisdom. More




Copyright, 1910, by de Laurence, Scott & Co., Publishing Department.
A sincere and true message to all faithful Brother Mystics and those  who may wish to join this Occult Organization which exists here and in  the Astral or unseen world.
Given under and by the direction of the great Occult Organization and Brotherhood of Magic for the never ending advancement of human souls  through Dr. L. W. de Laurence, whose supreme desire is to educate  capable and sincere brothers and sisters to act in concert with our  Brotherhood of unseen Mystics and teach them the work that they must do  preparatory thereto.
I, Dr. L. W. de Laurence, do hereby state, truly, and positively,  that I know that the existence of a powerful Occult Organization and  Brotherhood of Mystics, both here and in the great unseen world, to be  an incontestable truth; and, furthermore, that I KNOW that the Science  and Art of Magic as operated by these Mystics is worthy of faithful  investigation.
Furthermore, be it known to all the world, and especially so unto him or her into whose hands this message may come, not by reason of their  own solicitation, or by advertisement, but by their own Astral influence and Occult magnetism, that the hereinafter simple message to Brother  Mystics and those who desire to rid themselves of the bonds and shackles of gross ignorance, theology, superstition and materialism, regarding  the famous “Magic Mirror,” that wonderful Astral Instrument so long used by leading Mystics, Adepts, and Occult workers for communication and  preparatory development for communication between the two worlds, will  help all who heed.
This message hereinafter written I have given verbatim as it has come to me, under the direction of the great Brotherhood of Mystics from the unseen Astral message.
Every soul will rest at some mile-post in life
Those never ending unnumbered unknown points
All void, vacant and dark.
Yet, be still, for as it looks once more
A multitude assembled; Unnumberable Astral souls reveal a force Supreme, Invincible for human advancement, The annulment of man-made law;
The concert uplifting and educating of humanity. Listen, Oh ye capable brothers, for out of darkness Comes this Mystic Message.


Here is an article I would like to share with you all about sex. The writer has written on the topic of spiritual sex and I believe that it is a beautiful topic. In this article he shares with us how sex can open up our hearts to love and also channel certain energies that can lead to our spiritual evolution. I believe that sex is beautiful on all accounts if treated with care and respect, and by that I mean, it should never be forced upon anyone (rape), and  it is never to be treated casually,….. these things should be cautioned. As I have said Before Osun my Guardian Angel, is the deity of Sex, Love and Beauty among other things, so I have no problem approaching this subject again and again. The word SEX, itself evokes a lot of emotion, and it is so much more powerful when coupled with the emotion called love. It can be tender, passionate, wild, raw, raunchy, erotic, salacious, sensual, seductive, heated , xxx rated, gentle , painful and powerful. It can control, bait, enforce, weaken,drive a person crazy,charm,and overall remove ones guard, break down any barriers. The wife uses it against the husband to get her way and vice versa, it is a great bargaining tool, and One of the best gifts that God has given to us. It is needed much like food, because the brain calls for it. Overall, aside from love it holds a power all on its own. Hide behind that Nuns habit all you like Sister, it still invades your thoughts, if you look closely behind the Bishops collar you may see his sex thoughts, often times more raunchy than ours. Sex told us the story of Adam and Eve, It fell the mighty Samson at the hands of the seductive Delila, and it almost over threw King David when he fornicated with Bathsheba. Sex has brought down many heads of states. The appeal of sex is why America has never forgotten Marilyn Monroe, it can single-handedly rule the world I believe, because once the word is mentioned all heads are turned and we pay full attention. 



I remember as a child growing up in Jamaica being sent home from school early one day because the coffin with the 4 dranco ‘vultures’ was looking for Mr. Brown.  The teachers had heard that the coffin which rolled up and down the many streets with these talking birds saying ‘Mr. Brown, Mr. Brown, looking for Mr. Brown’, were heading our way.  After the children had been let out we all ran to our different homes hoping that we would never meet up on this travesty, which we never did.  There was a man who worked across the street from where I lived, he was a nice man I remember, because he used to give the children treats and he was kind to us….his name was Mr. Brown.  As I ran past him to go into my gate I stopped for a moment and in my innocence yelled ‘Mr. Brown guh hide di dranco dem ah look fi yuh’  he responded ‘ah nuh me dawling’, but I didn’t slow down enough to hear the rest.   I hastily ran home to go underneath my bed, to suck my finger which was my comfort at the time, (miss mi finga it bad bad). More


When I was a child growing up in Kingston  Jamaica, I had problems with cats. They would find their way into my room at nights, and I would wake up to see them sitting on my bed staring at me. It was traumatic, to say the least. They never hurt me, but those piercing eyes would stare at me in the night, looking even more frightening because of the reflection from the moon on their eyes. I always knew that there was more to a cats existence, they (to me )moved very sinister, bold and daring and I saw in them the actions of human beings…do not ask me to explain!!!.As I grew up, (I was living in the States by then), I began to observe them more. A friend of mine, Winsome had a huge black cat living in her house, it was the family pet, whenever I visited her house the cat would jump on the china cabinet in the living room and stare at me without winking, He would not move until I left. It was as if he was seeing something with me and although he did not act afraid he seemed wary, of what I did not know,,,Then!!!…..Now I do!!.. Once when I was sitting on my porch , it was night and a very effeminate black and white cat, (I knew it was a girl, by the way she walked and switch, her posture and she was just overall very feminine), walked into my gate, I stood up and yelled at her say saying “Not tonight, do not come in here tonight, please leave!!,..” she backed up from the gate, looked up at me, (I was on the third floor, of a private house) and left. She never came back.

I was going to Africa once and I was supposed to take my small daughter with me, I had sent someone to go to the Nigerian embassy to pick up our visa and I was busy on the road with her gathering up a few things that I needed to bring with us. While driving I saw a black cat run across the street in front of my car. Let me pause for a moment and tell you all that I AM NOT AT ALL SUPERSTITIOUS!!!…I AM A DOUBTFUL THOMAS, as a matter of fact I go out of my way to walk under ladders, and to step on cracks, I love Friday the 13th and I fear nothing, but that day when I saw the cat run before my car, an eerie feeling took over my body and my own head told me that I was about to be disappointed about something. Ten minutes later, I found out that my daughter’s visa was denied. She could not travel with me to Nigeria, after all the money that I spent on her ticket and other things. Since then anytime disappointment is coming to me, I notice that a black cat would cross my path, that saying is QUITE true, but not for everybody. I had a client come to me sometime ago, he had lost one of his eyes, his story goes…he was driving one day and a black cat ran in front of his vehicle, he killed it. Three days after, he opened the hood of his car to check something, (he was a mechanic), and something exploded into his face causing him to lose his eye….he attributed the accident to him killing the cat.  These animals are high spiritual beings, they are messengers, and they can bring  good or  bad omens. They are not ordinary animals. They are highly spiritual animals, and should not be ignored. However, bear in mind that  they have NO loyalty, to anyone!!! Enjoy the article below. 

From the Ancient Egyptian temple cats to the domesticated cat curled up in front of an electric fire, cats have always carried with them an air of mystery and mysticism. Even the most visually unattractive of cats, the three-legged stray or the mat-furred mog, have an attitude which suggests some hidden knowledge, a secret which they have chosen not to share. It is no surprise, then, that the cat has always featured so prominently in religion and mythology. More