Hello everyone, this post is to announce the next set of classes that will be coming up. We are still on the topic of Spiritual Baths and Cleansing as it is very extensive. The first half of this course (4 weeks) that is now happening is about the Recognition and Removal of Negative Energies. The second half (5 weeks) will be about the Pulling of Positive Energies into your lives.




The first time I experienced Sleep Paralysis “duppy hol dung” was when I was a child of six years old in Jamaica, this is my earliest memory. It was torturous. I heard my mother singing in the kitchen, I felt the sun streaming in and beaming down on my bed, I heard the birds in our next door neighbour’s Mr. Henry mango tree whistling, and I could not wake up. I smelled my mother’s ackee and saltfish that she was preparing for breakfast and I tried to scream but could not. I felt my father’s presence come into my room, smelled the ganja he was smoking and I wanted to shout “Daddy help me!” but my lips could not move. The air was tight and I felt as if I would suffocate, I had not thought of death back then while this happened or the fear of it, I just wanted my mother. My small body attempted to shake myself awake and all of a sudden I jolted awake, gasping for air. Ears ringing, heart racing, me sweating and afraid. It was to be the first (perhaps the first, this was my first memory) of many of my sleep paralysis experiences, and when I became Obara Meji, the experience took on a different feeling, a very different one…




As I slept last night, or I should say this morning, because it happened around 4am, I encountered what the world of science would call “sleep paralysis” or “REM sleep”. Although many people find relief when they realize that there is a scientific explanation of this phenomena, it does not soothe me, because I know with me, it is not the same. No scientist can explain or perhaps even understand what I go through when experiencing this, none of them can. I always have to go back to my childhood in Jamaica, because it was after I became who I am, Obara Meji, that I realize that most of the experiences that I would have when I became an adult showed themselves to me as a child. This lends to my deja vu experience that I have sometimes. Let me give you an example before getting on with the subject at hand.




Good morning one and all. I hope everyone had a great weekend as I have due to the first session of my online classes. Sunday I went out into nature along with my daughter and two of my Babalawo brothers to do Ebo (Eh-bo) which is sacrifice. When we came back, they had come to my home for a meeting, we have our own egbe (meaning society or group) where we meet and discuss things spiritual and also Isese (E-shay-shay – which is Yoruba for Tradition and this is of Ifa/Orisha) as we are all (including my children), traditional practitioners of Isese, and this means that we practice the way of our ancestors and the way it is supposed to be practiced as done by the Yoruba people of South Western Nigeria. Not a variation of or similar to, or a bastardized version, but the authentic way of practice as it is done today in Africa.




In Jamaica’s history there are many stories about different people. Some who are hailed as “heroes” who have contributed something great spiritually to our history and culture. Among these people is the famed Nanny of the Maroons, Three Fingered Jack, and others. As a child, I felt the spirituality of my country. Of course I had no idea what I felt but also I had no idea that I was a citizen on a very small island in the Caribbean with less than 3 million people. Jamaica seemed large to me, not large in population or geographically, but it seemed to radiate something bigger, something of which possibly could be described as spirit.




Maintaining the temple, which is the physical body, is important while we as spiritual beings in Human form are on our journey on this earth plane. For the unaware, the belief is that we are alive to live our lives and we mourn when physical death comes and that is the end of that. For the aware or conscious, there is no death, only the shedding or release of the physical vehicle. However, it is hard, very hard to fathom, and even harder to think about, mostly because we are used to life and we do not know anything other than life, being alive, and will do all we can to stay alive, at least most of us. The ones who kill themselves/suicide are a different kind, and one day I may blog on it. Maybe….




I was always a fearful child growing up. When I became an adult, fully grown, somewhat, into who I am now, I realize that those fears which were a very real part of me were there because of good reason. Let me stop a minute to explain: What I have come to realize, now that I am who I am, is that when I expressed fear in any form to my family, like not wanting to sleep by myself or go alone to the backyard at nights as a child, they would get upset with me, saying words like “nonsense” or “yuh stupid eeehn.” None of this alleviated my fears. It made me sad that I was so fearful, fretful, and worrisome, but I did not know how to put in words to my family why I felt as I did. The realization, when I became “Obara Mèjì” that I, as a small child could sense vibrations, darkness, or light, good or bad spirits, good or bad people, and all the ills of the world, and the fact that I had no idea how to express what I was feeling made me sad for so many who may have gone through what I went through or are still going through it.




When I was a little girl growing up in Kingston, Jamaica, I remember one Sunday, perhaps I was about seven or eight years old, my mother’s neighbor and arch nemesis Miss Will had her television on. Her apartment was in the middle of the house, ours was to the left, and another apartment was to the right. I remember staring inside her parlour at the television and seeing a woman in a wheel chair, she was shaking as if having a seizure. Seeing the woman cry while her whole body trembled made me began to cry uncontrollably. I thought I was watching someone suffering and as a child I had no understanding that this was just a film and not real. I had never been able to forget that scene since that day.



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Good day to all my bloggers, peepers, newcomers, and sometimers. Today’s post is from blogger KB who wishes to share a recent spiritual experience which could have turned sour but through the act of divination and sacrifice, she came through. KB asked me if it was possible for her to share her experience with others so that perhaps you all may learn from her own mistakes, which she corrected and also celebrates in her triumph. Often times I am saddened when I see a situation about to happen and I warn a person about it but they do not take heed. I am naturally compassionate and so I realize that most people take for granted spiritual messages given to them, possibly thinking in the back of their mind that this is nonsense. Please read KB’s story and I urge you all to learn from it.




During my first set of initiations I was plunged straight into spiritual school by means of non physical beings taking me to the realms of time and space on many trips. This occurred for 3 years and for the first 2 years I was a shell of myself. I had no idea at first what was to become of me after they were finished with me (or even if they would be finished with me). I was gifted many things during this time and yet I had no idea how to list them or even what they were. What is apparent though was that I can see spiritually as far as until the end of time, if there is ever such a thing, perhaps or perhaps not. Because within my gift, I could tell death as it approached, the time, day, and even the hour. I predicted death precisely and was even given the knowledge of how to stave it off. There were times when clients who would come to me never came back for a while, and when they did return, I’d ask “Why haven’t I heard from you for a while?” to which the response would be: “Obara, I fear you.”


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