light 1 Although it is long, please try to read this man’s death not near death, but actual death experience. Many things that I have taught here he has experienced it. Remember I always say “we are all apart of each other instead apart from each other,” and that whatever your reality is here in the physical world is what you experience in the after life. If you are Christian you will experience what the Christians expect in the after life, same with Islam others. Your mind which is your Universe creates your reality even in death of which nothing like it exists as how we were taught. A person who dies here on this realm, is born somewhere else. Remember my reference to the Matrix? The first movie, and that it told many truths. Remember my description of our soul groups and the big tent like pulsating bubbles which connects the smaller bubbles making it one? Read here. Remember I always teach you of many realms and dimensions? Please read this mans story. More