It took me a while as I walked my life here on earth (still walking) to realize what an old saying (proverb) my primary school teacher in Jamaica, Mrs. Bodden, taught me (or rather, what I would hear her repeat from time to time) when I was eight years old meant. ‘All that glitters is not gold”, she would say. Things are not always what they seem, or the attractive external appearance of something is not a reliable indication of its true nature. Even the bible says the arm of man will fail you, you dare not trust your own! I was one, who wanted to see the good in all things and everyone, my perception of life is that there is good in everyone. When I often would see people true colors come out, I was shocked and hurt for long. Hardly able to believe that I was that naive, and that I made the same mistakes over and over again, until I realized, when I became who I am, Obara Meji, that you repeat life lessons until you get the meaning, until you learn. This world has harsh realities, and when they hit, it is what some would call a wake up call, a reality check, and even so, I was/am the person to still believe that good still exist. I refuse to believe, to accept that so many of the world’s inhabitants are so bad. But it is true, most of the world’s inhabitants, are really no good. O ma se o! (such pity)




I am now realizing that how I write on the blog and all my experiences that I have recounted here for you all to learn from and perhaps for all the words of “wisdom” that I share with you all on my blog, many people would vision an old woman. I have written extensively about my life and about getting pregnant while I was still in high school, and to be honest with you, I do not regret being so honest and opening up to all of whom I do not know. It is never wise to judge a person, I always say this, because you do not know what lies ahead of you in your life, and I was shocked yesterday when having a conversation with a blogger, she said that there are many people who read or peep on the blog who may not like me, (we were discussing the unfortunate event which occurred on the blog a few nights ago when someone came on and disrespected me), “not like me?, I recoiled in my mind, although I said nothing.




There were times when I was growing when I wished the world would be at peace. People would love each other and live together, in peace love and unity, I still pray for this each time I pray. These thoughts which were in my mind echoes the psalm of David which says “How good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity…..” I day dreamed of peace and a world without war, hate and violence, I am a descendant of slaves if I am to believe that my ancestors were slaves, so embedded within my DNA, my genetic memory is the pain and anguish of my ancestors, I did not want a continuation of that I yearned for a good world. As I grew, I realized that the world that I dreamed of would never be. I learned later that problem had to be apart of people’s daily lives, and that the world has to be in chaos in order for it to be. In other words the world has to be how it is in order to exist. We choose to come into the chaos to find whatever we came here for which can be our truth as spiritual beings and to learn through experience so that we can teach from them while living here or when we are elevated into the realms of spirit, death of the physical.




I know that reading the title before you click the more option to continue reading, many of you will first go, huh? I have met more than my share of evil people and evil doers. Even yesterday I called the wicked baby father to warn him of something I saw while reading one of the children I have for him. It was a hard call, but I had to do it. Hard because whenever I speak with him, glimpses of the horror I experienced while with him and also his horrible family runs through my mind. Please do not read and at the same time begin to psycho analyze me believing that I am not over the whole horrible ordeal I experienced with him and his family which was so long ago, but know that it was a time when I began my young life and I did not expect to meet these monsters in life, at least not in human form, my mother did not prepare me for them. It was bad enough that I knew the wicked baby father and his equally wicked mother and cruel siblings for who they are, but my children grew up to see and observe the same thing, with no influence from me. Today’s post is on people like these, folks who smile with you (and those who do not), ones who fool the world and who are the mythical (I do not believe in Satan, love the name, but do not believe he is real as a single entity and so powerful, almost close to God? No way, no way! God has no enemies) Devil incarnate. More



Holier than thou are most Christians, and I have met some of the worse human beings in the Church, even the Pastor or Bishop as she called herself of a church I once attended, who incited a war between me and another so called sister, encouraging us to fight in the Church!


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I have often wondered about the word Sin as we know it and what if anything makes us sin against the creator. Since being awakened and renouncing Christianity, I have had conversations with myself on this very topic. My concept of sin or sinful acts was based upon what I learned in Sunday School and through preaching pastors, it being a word synonymous with religion abi?



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Good day one and all, Yazzy sent in this post with the title above. My dears, I have to say that I am proud of Yazzy and you all. I know for some of you there was a time when the word Obeah sparked some negative emotions in you upon hearing just the word. You all had no idea that Obeah is just a word, synonymous with other words such as Voodoo, Juju, and more, but that the words themselves, albeit associated with evil and wicked practices, really is not! Again it is the, heart,minds and hands of the wicked ones who grab a hold of the knowledge which comes with these practices that we ought to be mindful of! Of certain Human Beings, I smh!





I typed today’s post last night, and today as I got up to finish it, I do not know what I touched but everything erased from the screen. I sat here looking at the screen and I searched the board for the lost content which had reached over a thousand words but nothing! This is very hard for someone who cannot type such as myself, and I feel like crying as I type this, but I am reminded that there are no coincidences in life, everything happens for a reason, I will comfort myself with that thought.




Tonight for our book club discussion we have a very heavy topic to deal with, and for all week we have been dealing with topics which were very deep also. Today I will go light or perhaps try to. I will not write too much on this topic, but with what little I will write today, I ask for all participants in the days discussion to tell their own feelings or thoughts upon the titled topic, Forgiveness. Have you done it, can you do it, what is forgiveness to you?




Good morning everyone, here I am today again very busy, so this is a re-post which I believe that some of you may be able to relate to, The Wicked Ways of People. I have certainly met some characters, and unfortunately most of them were family. Wicked bad minded family members, and close family also. There was a time when I foolishly felt that this should not be, I felt that family were supposed to love and protect and treat each other right. I have since grown up to realize that they are just human just like every body else, and “the arms of flesh shall fail you, you dare not trust your own”, so flesh is flesh and never perfect. This is no excuse I know but evil has its place here and it is only prayers and sacrifices which will help us overcome them.


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